Sonntag, 25. März 2012

LA Noire: Auto Fanatic

Auto Fanatic
Drive every vehicle in the city.

Search for the International Metro KB1M at LA BREA in West Hollywood.

For the Chevrolet Tow Truck just do the Spawning Trick (Menu -> Extras -> Click X on the missing vehicle -> Go to Case Files) but then don't start free roam on the Homicide desk, do it on Arson. It spawned for me right away in front of the police station.

International KB5: It spawned for me on the bridge over the LA River all the way to the East.

Packard Custom: Under the Arson Desk do the Street Crime "Hot Property". At the beginning of the chase a car crashed at the entrance to the parking lot. That's the one you're searching for.

Donnerstag, 15. März 2012

Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands: Untouchable / Unantastbar

Defeat Ratash in the Throne Room wihout taking any damage.
The magic words for this trophy are STONE ARMOUR. Yeah, that's pretty much all you need, cause you are invincible as long as it's activated. During the fight with Ratash, especially when he calls for normal enemies keep an eye on your activation and hit him hard. That's the reason why you should level up your engery and your Stone Armour first.
Works the same for Invincible trophy, you just have to be a bit more economical with your energy. 

Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands: This is Persia! / Das ist Persien!

This is Persia!
Kick 20 enemies off of ledges.

Simple enough, but you might forget about it during your playthrough (like me) and then there is a good farming spot right after getting your Fly-towards-an-enemy-ability. You'll stand in front of a huge gap with with enemies on the other side, which are always respawning as you go back to the other site. Simply fly towards one enemy and then kick the other ones off of the ledge. Kill them at the bottom of the gap and climb back to the beginning. They respawn, then repeat. You can also farm your 30 fly-kills this way, but that's absolutely not necessary.

Btw. Pretty cool Trophy title!